Serving great food to the people of Oswestry for over 40 years, Simla Tandoori Restaurant - take a trip down memory lane..

George's wife Manjula - Simla Tandoori Restaurant in Oswestry           

George and his wife Manjula were married in the same year that the couple opened Simla Tandoori Restaurant in Oswestry.

Pictured left are - George's bride Manjula with wedding guests Marie - a neighbour along with Rahela and Batul who were former nursing colleagues from Dudley Hospital.



George pictured far right with two colleagues, from 1976.    
George pictured with Kitchen Staff and Waiters - Simla Tandoori Restaurant in Oswestry   Kitchen Staff and Waiters along with George (bottom right) from 1976. In the days when most customers came to an Indian restaurant and ordered steak and chips.  
George and his family set up home in the former Oswestry Cooperative Society building which is still the home of Simla Tandoori Restaurant today 40 years later.