Curry Dishes

Simla Tandoori Restaurant in Oswestry - Curry Dishes Restaurant Menu

      CURRY DISHES MENU             
  BALTI DISHES (Naan bread)     BIRIYANI     
  Balti dishes are the modern Indian cuisine. Cooked with specially prepared herbs and spices, onions, tomatoes and green peppers.           Special Basmati Rice together with meat, prawns or chicken in a butter ghee with delicate spices and herbs, served with fresh vegetable curry.    
  Chicken   £9.25   Malayan Chicken (Banana & Pineapple)  £8.25   
  Lamb  £9.25   Persian Chicken (Plain omelette)  £8.25  
  Prawn  £9.25   Chicken  £7.50   
  King Prawn  £10.95   Chicken Tikka  £9.25  
  Mushroom or Vegetables   £7.25   Lamb   £7.50  
  Tandoori Chicken Balti Delux  £10.50   Prawn   £7.50  
  Mixed Special Balti  £10.50   Vegetable   £6.25  
        King Prawn   £10.95  
        Simla Special Biriyani  £10.95  
  DELIGHT DISHES (Pilau Rice)     MASALLA (Pilau Rice)    
  A chef’s speciality cooked in a medium/hot sauce with onions, peppers and tomatoes.     Mild and creamy dish cooked in a yoghurt based sauce with almond, cream & sugar.    
  Chicken   £9.95   Chicken Tikka   £9.95  
  Lamb   £9.95   Tandoori Tikka   £9.95  
  Prawn   £9.95   Lamb Tikka   £9.95  
  King Prawn   £12.95   Prawn   £9.95  
  Lamb Tikka   £9.95   King Prawn   £12.95  
  JALFREZI (Pilau Rice)     CHILLI MASALLA    
  A dish cooked with onions and peppers then spiced with freshly cut green chillies.     A delightful Indian dish cooked in capiscum and tomatoes, flavoured with rich spice to medium strength.    
  Chicken   £9.95   Chicken   £8.25  
  Lamb   £9.95   Lamb  £8.25  
  Prawn   £9.95   Prawn  £8.25  
  King Prawn   £12.95   King Prawn  £9.95  
  A medium dish cooked with fresh spinach, garlic, herbs & spices.      (BANGLADESHI)    
  Chicken  £7.50   Tandoori Special (Boal)   £9.95  
  Lamb  £7.50   Fish Delux (Salmon)  £10.95  
  Prawn  £7.50   Bengal Fish (Ayre)  £10.95  
  King Prawn  £8.95