Main Dishes & Specialities

Tandoori, tikka and kebab dishes are not curries, they are specially marinated at least 12 hours before they are barbecued on a skewer in a charcoal clay oven, they are then served on a sizzling hot skillet with side salad and also a mint and yoghurt sauce, it tastes delicious, sensational, which defies description. You may also order naan bread (thick) and a vegetable side dish to go with the dish for perfect satisfaction.

  Simla Tandoori Cocktail (Naan)  £10.95   Tandoori King Prawn  £11.50  
  Lamb Tikka  £8.50   Chicken Shashlik (Naan)  £11.95  
  Chicken Tikka  £8.50   Tandoori Chicken (Half)  £8.50  
  CHEF'S SPECIALITIES (Pilau Rice)          
  Koroi Kebab Khyberi  £9.95         Makni Chicken  £9.95  
  A speciality of the Khyber – diced chicken cooked in Khyberi sauces with tomatoes and capsicum. Cooked and served in a skillet.     Tikka chicken cooked in butter and cream with garlic, cinnamon, ginger and rich tomato sauce.    
  Chicken Poonir Kufta  £9.95   Tandoori Murghi Masalla   £9.95  
  Chicken with meatballs and cheese.     Tandoori chicken cooked with a boiled egg in a creamy mild sauce.    
  Koroi Gust  £9.95   Chatt  £9.95  
  Tender lamb, cooked with herbs and spices in curry sauce, delicately flavoured with oriental herb and spices. Cooked and served in a skillet.     Small pieces of chicken/lamb tikka mixed with onions, tomatoes and peppers. Cooked in a medium, rich sauce.    
  Pasanda  £9.95   Chicken G G  £9.95  
  Thin lamb marinated in spices and yoghurt cooked with herbs.     Pistachios and almonds. Cooked in a creamy mild sauce.    
  Jeera Chicken  £9.95   Chicken Tikka Bahar  £9.95  
  Cooked with onions, tomato, capsicum, fresh coriander and lots of whole jeera (cumin).     Mango chutney and garlic in a mild sweet sauce.    
  Chicken Fruity  £9.95   Honey Minty  £9.95  
  Mixed fruit with cream in a mild sauce.      Tender chunks of chicken/lamb tikka infused with honey, sweet mango and fresh garden mint. Cooked with potatoes in a medium thick sauce.    
  Garlic Chilli Masalla  £9.95        
  Tender pieces of chicken/lamb tikka cooked with fresh garlic, green chillies, coriander leaves, green cardimons & fresh herbs.          
  Set Meal for 2 People  £55.00   Sirloin Steak  £10.50   
  Set Meal for 4 People      Rump Steak  £10.50  
        Roast Chicken  £8.25  
        Scampi & Chips  £8.25  
        Chicken Nuggets & Chips  £8.25