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                 RED WINE SELECTION 
(by the bottle)
      Les Gautier Medium (France)
A medium dry blend of zesty Colombard and fruity Ugni Blanc grape varieties.
  £13.95       Privilege De Drouet Merlot (France)
Soft, easy drinking Merlot with damsons and plums on the palate.
    Jean De Laroche Sauvignon Blanc (France)
Dry and crisp with herbaceous gooseberry fruit flavours.
  £13.95     El Cadejo Merlot (Chile)
Ripe, rounded fruit flavours of mulberries and damson bring out a wonderful smooth finish.
    Welmoed Chenin Blanc (South Africa)
Intense aromas of melon and wild honey with a hint of vanilla, a long crisp finish.
  £15.95     Coleccion Malbec Michel Torino(Argentina)
Fruity flavours, concentrated aromas and Profound colours bring out an intense taste.
    Cielo Pinot Grigio (Italy)
Blending these subtly different but equally popular grapes, creates an elegant & crisp finish.

Cranswick Shiraz Cabernet(Australia)
Displays mulberry fruit and spice with hints of dark chocolate to bring a balanced finish.

  Foundstone Unoaked Chardonnay  (Australia)
A fruit driven wine that shows aromas of lemon, Passion fruit & sweet citrus to bring a long zesty finish.
(by the bottle)
    Chablis Domaine Hamelin (France)
A most popular wine with its elegant flavours, Brings out a scented flavour to the tongue.
  £20.95     Portuguese Rose Wine (Portugal)
Medium dry rose with appealing summer fruit flavours.

Campo Lagaza Rosado (Spain)  

Intensity of fruit aromas such as strawberry and peach bring out a fresh and fruity balanced flavour

    HOUSE WINE (by the glass) £175ml - £2.90, 250ml £4.50              
    Valencia Medium White            
    Valencia Dry White              
    Valencia Sweet White              
  Valencia Rose            
    Valencia Red              
    Spritzer (Lemonade) £3.75              
    Spritzer (Soda) £4.00